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Sitting down to write my final post during the month of dietary austerity, it struck me that I really haven’t touched on our vegetarianism at all.  This seems odd, don’t you think?  I promise not to get all preachy on you or anything, but we’re sharing ALOT this year and being vegetarian is an essential truth in our lives and it would seem a little odd not to at least touch on it.

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was single digits for one simple reason:  I don’t think it’s okay to kill for pleasure.  And that’s all meat is about.  Pleasure. Typing this, I can already hear the most-often asked question by a non-vegetarian….  “How do you get enough protein?”  AAAAAHHHHHHHH!  “Um,” I would answer, “I haven’t got a clue, but I’m pretty much as healthy as they come, so how about you recognize that you’re brainwashed by the meat and dairy lobbyists and we’ll call it even.  K, thanks.”  The FACT  is that human beings actually require way less protein than the average North American consumes.  You don’t believe me?  Look it up.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve read countless articles, books, studies, etc. that all indicate that a vegetarian – or preferably even vegan – diet is healthier. Vegetarians live longer, have lower cholesterol and are at a lower risk of developing cancer and many other diseases, including diabetes.  That’s a good reason to stay vegetarian.

Another reason would be the environment.  Producing a pound of beef generates 57 times the greenhouse gas than a pound of potatoes.  True story. If you’ve never googled “carbon footprint of a hamburger”, you really should give it a whirl.  It’s whack. Now, I’m a fairly environmentally well-behaved citizen and this is a nice bonus to our vegetarianism, but I’m not giving us props for it, because it came after the fact.

The other reason would be spiritual, I guess.  My dad was raised Catholic – his boyhood school was even called Holy Souls – and my mom was raised Church of England, so you can imagine (or not) the scandal it caused when two Christians decided to wed… Truly, he had aunties who wouldn’t step foot in the church for their wedding, but came to the reception for free food.  I’m assuming the issue of conversion made their choice of church because by the time they got to me – child #4 – they’d given up church entirely after deciding that organized religion wasn’t worth it.  My dad’s knowledge of the Bible was pretty crazy though if you cared to engage him on the subject – which, honestly, I didn’t very often.  I mean, I had just won the lottery of all lotteries – no church on Sundays – and all sanctioned by my parents.  Awesome….  Get to the point, Sarah….

Oh, right.  Sorry.  One of my dad’s reasons for becoming vegetarian in his forties was, however, his desire to live by the Bible’s teachings.  Quite simply, he could never reconcile the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” with eating meat.  And, really, it’s as simple as that.  Who knew I was such a good Christian after all?  Lol!  At least there’s one commandment I gave my all!

My apologies for the soapbox nature of this post, but not it’s content.  If, however, you read this and think I make judgements about other people’s behavior, well, sadly, you are wrong.  I do what is right for me.  Period.  Hell, I’m a failed vegan this month.  Cheese is the devil.  Just sayin’.

Sending a little lentil love your way, Sarah!  xoxo