Hello, everyone! I hope all your Saturdays have been just fantastic and full of fun. Today I saw Hunger Games for the second time (favorite movie like ever) and looked after a puppy for two hours. As exciting as dog-sitting was, I began thinking through many other things, my mind wandering all over the place as I waited for my time to be up. (My time dog-sitting that is, I have not gone suddenly suicidal, do not fret.) While sitting on the couch, mindlessly throwing a stuffy around for the dog, I began to think of all the things I wish would be austere… Surprisingly I came up with a very long list of things that I would happily get rid of and definitely not miss.

First thing on my scarily long list is the comeback of the dreaded mullet. *shudder* One of my guy friends had been growing his hair out for months, resulting in long, wavy hair past his shoulders. (See, 80s women’s hair.) Coming back from the break I had the horrifying experience of seeing my friend’s beautiful hair cut. The sides and top chopped down to shorter than an inch, and the rest left, just the way it was before. One of the worst hair trends that the world has ever seen has somehow made it’s way back to my school, and worse – onto my friend’s head. I believe I speak for all women (and gay men) when I say, a quick and severe removal of the comeback would be much appreciated. Please, let’s say goodbye to the mullets once more! And soon!

Secondly, an austerity of all Starbucks in the area would be very helpful to my current predicament. I tell ya, having to drive by at least one to get anywhere and everywhere is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Seeing my beloved Starbucks and not being able to go in and get something breaks my heart, every single time. All I want is a drink and a snack, and I’d be good to go – my day made 10x better! My mom is always saying how easily she can live without it and how she doesn’t crave it anymore. To that I say… Actually, I don’t say anything. I just cry.

Lastly, on this shortened-for-the-blog list of things I could do without, is high school. I can truly say that I am completely and utterly ready to be done with high school and most of the people in it, and am ready to move on to start my life and become a real person! As much as I enjoy school and my friends and even most of the teachers, it gets to a point where people piss you off and you’re learning things you will never use ever again. Please, if someone could tell me when I will need to know how to factor a trinomial or how atoms bond with other atoms, when I want to be a psychologist – that would be truly appreciated. I mean, seriously.

I could have easily took this post an extremely different route, talking about the need for the austerity of hunger, or poverty, or blah blah blah. But that’s a BIG stretch to have those things happen, because sometimes miracles can’t be the solution. However, the things that I did mention, are actually possible! We can chop off all the mullets, buy up all the Starbucks and convert them into some type of vegetable grocery store and then rearrange the high school curriculum. All in a day’s work, I say. Until next time, lovelies!! … xoxo Chloe