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Hi world!  It’s Nick.  How was your Spring Break?  Mine was awesome because I got to stay at home for two weeks.  No school = happy me.  I got the idea for today’s post from something that happened this morning.  My mom bought banana chips as a “healthy, yummy” snack and offered me some this morning.  I said after the first few that I liked them.  So she gave me a pile more.  Then I said that they tasted like nuts and could I be done?  This made my mom laugh, because I am “famous” in our house for saying how good something is and could I please be done.  I do it so her feelings don’t get hurt.  She said this was the perfect thing to blog about since last month was dietary austerity (what does that even mean?) and April is emotional.  What does that even mean?  I guess we’ll all find out eventually but I’m not even sure my parents know yet.  If you find out, you call my 1-800 line and let me know or just leave me a comment.   Have a good week.  I will.  I can eat treats again.  🙂