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Can I just say how much I adore my family?  They are blessings beyond any imagining.  Truly.  And as we are heading into a 4 day weekend, I get to indulge myself in their company.  Glenn comes home tonight after being gone all week and this makes me so happy I could squeal.  Reading his Tuesday post while he was 3,000 miles away made me feel like he was in the room giving me a hug and making me laugh.  I adore that man.  He is responsible for the vast majority of good in my life.  No wonder I felt the earth shift when I saw him across the room, one day oh so long ago.

Chloe, Nicholas and I have been each other’s shadows all week.  Seriously, if I leave the living room where we are hanging out, one of them asks, “When will you be back?”  Claustrophobic much?  Not for me.  I am with who I want to be with, exactly where I want to be.  I guess you could say I got my serenity on again…..  or I found my mojo…

My emotional equanimity has been restored thanks to my family and friends. I’ve also seriously indulged in a lot of poetry reading (What? and Why? would leap to my mind too!) and crazy amounts of humour.  SNL re-runs rule.  Also, the sun (or “that alien spaceship” according to Nick) shows every promise of revealing itself over the weekend. So, I’ll be getting my hands dirty in the garden.  Spring rocks.

Also, I find incredible amounts of positivity online.  Whether it be actual, real-life friends that live far away who I connect with on Facebook, virtual friends on Twitter or inspirational quotes on Pinterest, there is a crazy amount of inspiration out there.  You just have to look.  My latest (like 24 hr. latest) obsession is 101 in 1001.  I have been working on my list on and off all day and we’ve had a lot of laughs thinking of new ideas and looking at other people’s lists.  My intention is to have my list ready Monday for my next blog post.

Until then, I will be indulging in the people and things that make me happiest. Take care and have a fantastic weekend!  Sarah xoxo