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Well, this post will be quite short tonight.  First of all, I am exhausted after a long week away followed by necessary time in front of my computer today.   So much for a stat. holiday.   But I’ll also keep this to the point because I’m late writing due to an extended stroll with Nick tonight.   I find it amazing how kids can so easily realign you.  Bring you back down to earth in no time flat, and focused on the stuff that really matters.

Tonight it was a lengthy conversation about a game called Skylanders.   Actually, conversation is not quite accurate.  It was more of a ten-year-old boy’s dissertation on the relative attributes of such characters as Stump Smash and Hex and Boomer.   My input into this “conversation” was little more than a scattered, confused grunt.   At one point, Nick says:  “I’ll stop talking now.”   “Why?” I ask.  “Because I’m boring you,” he says.

At this, I lay my hand on his shoulder and hug him, and tell him that there is nowhere I’d rather be at this moment.   Nowhere.  Please don’t take my silence for lack of interest, I say.   Take it only for what it is – incomprehension.

In fact, I could’ve strolled with him for hours, just being with him.   Being uplifted by his energy and excitement with life and living.   This is what really matters, isn’t it.   Spending time with those you adore.   Allowing their love, and your love for them, melt away the burden that tends to collect on your shoulders in a week away from them.

Tomorrow I take my beautiful kids canoe shopping.   Maybe this is where I get to offer up my own energetic dissertation.  Or, maybe, I’ll hear tomorrow more about Ignitor or Eruptor.   Either way, I’ll be taking it all in.

Have a nice long weekend!