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Hi it’s Nick. It’s Easter today and we had the Easter egg hunt and it was the most fun year I’ve had yet. Thanks mom you did a great job. At Easter we also do a card hunt where my dad writes up cards going to the next card and then at the end we would get a little something. This year we got a chocolate bunny and a wreck this journal and I read a page and it says glue your pants pocket lint here. By the time I’m done with that page, it will be full or overflowing.

I sort of got an early Easter present yesterday. I got a canoe. Me and my dad have wanted a canoe for a long time and we figured if we’re going to get a canoe we will get the best we can afford and we got a really good canoe made by Clipper. We got a shiny new Yukon. It’s white and we got white for a reason – if it gets banged up… that’s what she said… oh sorry… it would scratch white on white. Well that’s the end of my post. Hope you had a happy Easter weekend.  Have a good week. Bye!