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As I made reference to in my previous post, a new craze is sweeping our home.  Well, Chloe and I are hooked anyway.  The boys are not listographers like we are.  In the pursuit of quality blogs to read, last week I stumbled upon a blog that made reference to the Day Zero Project and I’ve been on their website ever since.  Simply put, it’s a bucket list of 101 things to be achieved/completed in 1001 days.  You can make your own list and share it with others, following and being followed, just like every other social media site on the planet.

The site has suggestions, including the top 101 most popular list items.  I pilfered several of those and have had fun putting my own list together.  It feels like New Year’s Resolutions, only more comprehensive and hopefully lifestyle altering.  Also, there’s at least a little more incentive to stay on track since people are following you, watching you succeed or fail – whatever the case may be.  You can see my completed list here.  They are in NO particular order.

It’s caused me no small amount of emotional angst, however, putting the list together.  One of the top 101 suggestions is to “write all my bad memories on paper, burn this paper afterwards”.  I read it out to Chloe while flipping through them and she came back with, “Why ever would you want to do that? Leave the past alone.”  Hmm….  No, let’s poke and prod at it a bit.  I put it on my list, thinking I’d have all of one or two papers to burn and I could easily cross something off my list.  You feel me?  Ha!  I could burn those tiny scraps with a birthday candle.  That got me started thinking what I’d write to burn and honestly it wasn’t a great experience.  It took me less than 24 hours to scratch that item off my list, preferring to “do a Kirk” (yes, Captain Kirk…) and embrace my past, warts and all, knowing that it’s made me who I am now.

It’s been fun and introspective and I intend to complete each and every item if possible. Nicholas made me add the fish one (#82) and the blanket fort one (#35)- which we are doing next week while Glenn and Chloe are gone.  So, in some ways it’s been a truly collaborative effort.  Chloe and Nicholas have helped and had their say.  Glenn’s scanned it and we’ve discussed some of the ideas and even answered some of the “50 Questions…” together over a glass of wine.

I’d encourage you to give it a look at the very least.  Maybe it’s for you, maybe not.  I’ve found new inspiration and hopefully a kick in the behind to get my creativity on again.  Have a great week!  I’ll talk to you again on Thursday!  Sarah…. xoxo