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So.  Funny story….  A woman walks into her husband’s office and says, “Don’t forget it’s your day to blog.”  He says,  “Ahahaha…  I blog on Fridays and today’s Thursday…. *giggle*giggle* …  It’s your day.”  “&$@#ing &$@#!!!” says the woman….  Yeah.  I didn’t think it was funny either.  Glenn is still chuckling and I am sitting here with two seconds at my disposal to rip out a post.

Chloe is winging her way to Germany tomorrow, as you may well have guessed given her post yesterday.  I am playing personal assistant ensuring that she has everything she needs.  I feel the need to mention that this exchange trip was entered into months and months before the Year of Austere was even a wisp of an idea, over a year ago in fact.  Chloe had the very great opportunity of participating in an exchange with a student from Mainz, Germany – a lovely girl named Melina, who spent two weeks with us last September.

Long story short, I am busy tonight.  And trying desperately to stay that way, I might add.  As long as I’m busy, I can not think about her leaving me.  I plan on doing everything in my (limited) power to control myself until I am out of her sight, with her way past security off on her adventure.  I know she will worry about me otherwise and I don’t want to do anything to wreck her ride. Oh my gosh, how fun would it be to be fifteen again, winging your way to a European country with a bunch of classmates???  I mean truly.  That would be too awesome for words.

The closest thing I can recall from growing up was a field trip I didn’t even take.  I remember being in middle school, needing to arrive early in the morning for the second bus-load of kids to visit the King Tut exhibit in Seattle when it began to snow…. and snow…. and snow.  The first bus was well on its way, but the second bus got cancelled.  I still feel the loss of that trip.  Maybe that’s why it’s on my 101 in 1001.

So, Chloe and I will both be happy adventurers.  She gets to fly half-way around the world and visit her top world destination, visiting friends for two weeks and I will get to drive to Seattle (2 hrs away) for a day trip to the King Tut exhibit this summer.  That seems fair, right???

Thank you for listening to me blather on.  I will be gutted tomorrow when she leaves and again on Monday when Glenn departs on business.  However, my sweet boy will see me through.  We have a pretty full itinerary actually.  A movie…spending the night in a blanket fort… some gardening… working on our “Wreck This Journal”s… oh, and a drop-in archery class he’s persuaded me to do.

Have a fantastic Friday and even better weekend.  I will talk to you again on Monday!  s. xoxo

p.s.  If you haven’t checked it out, I wrote my blog bio that you can check out here if you’re interested.