Hi it’s Nick. So a while ago this girl in my grade, the class tattletale, told on me for saying scheisse in German. My teacher sent us both to the principal’s office because she called me a name as well and she told on me. I don’t think the principal really cared. All she said was don’t say it again and apologize. Honestly, this girl’s not my favourite person – she’s kind of annoying and she’s a nark and she’s mean, but we made a pact to be friends.  On Friday I went to a dance and she was there and even though I didn’t want to hang out with her, we were in a group of classmates so I had no choice really.  Instead of being mean back to her, I just let it go.  So I’m sticking to emotional austerity.

And… I went for my first canoe ride yesterday! My dad and I went on the river by the Stewart Farmhouse.  It was awesome.  My dad and I went for an hour.

Have a good week.  Avoid tattletales.  🙂