Coming home today after being away for a second full week in April, I am reminded about the importance of family in retaining emotional balance in life.  I am quite fortunate to work in a career that I find satisfying, for a company with people that I very much respect and enjoy.   With this said, one full week in meetings at any given time I do find quite draining.   For an introverted type like me, it is particularly tiring being “on” continuously.   The days are jam packed with sessions, often in windowless rooms, with a hoard of humanity all around.   Add on to this jet lag, too much coffee from the perpetual spigot outside the door, and a drastic change in diet, and the week becomes quite the challenge emotionally and physically.   Not to mention the lack of quality sleep.   I do eventually fall asleep, at 2 AM.  But even then, I sleep with a strange awareness that I am sleeping, which really screws with the mind.  I “wake up” from this state of affairs even more tired than when I fell asleep in the first place, in time to start it all over again for another day.

Today, after a crazy week, I stumbled in through my door at home and came face to face with ‘Dad, you’re home!” and Nick wrapping his arms around me.   If there was one thing I really needed at this point, this was exactly it.   Nothing beats stepping back into surroundings that are 100% me.  Where I can be 100% myself, and check the self-scrutiny and self-criticism at the door.  It makes it all worthwhile and reminds me why I do what I do.

I came across this Chinese proverb recently:  A family in harmony will prosper in everything.  I am blessed with such a family.  And at this point I will acknowledge that the beauty of our family and its strength derives itself in largest part from Sarah.  I could scarcely imagine a mother, wife and friend any more capable, loving and steady.   She acts as a light for our children and a role model to be emulated.   I travel away as work dictates knowing with a certainty that our kids are fully supported and protected.  And always learning what it means to be a good person simply by observing and following the example she sets.

I love Sarah for all of these reasons.  And I respect her immensely for being exactly who she IS, refusing to shift her principles to find acceptance.   Chloe and Nicholas are confident and principled kids due in large part to her guidance.

Well, time for a glass of wine.

Have a nice weekend!