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Hello again!  Chloe is halfway through her trip and I am halfway to having my BFF back again.  It has been seriously surreal without her around.  Quiet.  But surreal.  I wanted to do another replacement post that honoured her spirit and outlook, so once again I turned to her Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Her humour boards have reminded me that life without the house clown is a little lacklustre.  Glenn and Nicholas are witty and highly amusing, but Chloe is a total ham.  Sarcasm, funny one-liners, re-enactments, physical humour, you name it.  She is a walking, talking, breathing one-woman show.  Life with her is HIGHLY entertaining.  And I miss her like you would not believe.

One of her boards – “Happiness Is Forever :)” – has given me incredible joy today.  Just knowing that she feels that way is heart-warming.  So, for today’s post I thought I’d share my favourites with you, complete with her tag lines….









True, true, true!









Don't ever have regrets!










Forever & always.










I'm those things!! Or at least noisy...I'm told that one all the time... 😉





















These are a few of my favourites, and clearly hers.  To view this board in its entirety, you can do that here, or you can view all of her boards here.  Now, I am going to run as it’s possible (it’s Sunday there, so you never know) she’ll be waking up soon and I can actually exchange messages with her.

Take care and be inspired to be joyful, however you personally achieve that. I’m off to hang with my boys by the fire outside.  Peace and love, Sarah. xoxo