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As far as austerity topics go, this month’s emotional austerity has been a challenge. I think I’ll be happier to see this month end than Glenn was to see the back-side of March.  It has been a month of unforeseen and unprecedented sadness and will also contain extreme joy this coming Saturday when we pick Chloe up at the airport.

I have to say with all honesty that this is the first month that I have found myself wishing that we’d never embarked on this project.  At moments at least.  I have had to fight through that feeling and realize that the changes we have made and continue to make are valuable and that, regardless of the cost, this month has been bountiful in life lessons.

I’ve spent the better part of the last few weeks mulling over thoughts of friendship, compromise and karma.  I didn’t go into this month seeking to apply austerity principles to my friendships, but this seems to have happened. I think it is perhaps one of the unforeseen victims of our organically evolving year-long project though and because I’m happy with the perspectives and lessons we’re learning, I will have to embrace that change also.

What has become crystal clear this month – sadly – is that regardless of my new mantra, it will take time to fully embrace this concept.  I am working on it.  Also super clear is the fact that life is incomplete to say the least without my daughter around.  She understands and loves me at my best and at my worst.  And, while this is setting the benchmark almost unattainably high, that’s what I want, need and deserve from my friends.  It’s what we all deserve.

Here’s to hoping that May will be a fun austerity month.  Hmm…  Is that even possible?  How about the austerity of drama?  I like the sound of that.  Of course, I think that’s what we were aiming for this month.  Didn’t Glenn even mention Spock at one point.  Yeah, like that happened!

Until Thursday, I am austerely yours, Sarah… xoxo