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Hello all!  This is the last night of my filling-in-for-Chloe gig as she returns Saturday and has promised to fill you in on all of her escapades.  Or at the very least write her own post.  Filling in for someone is hard work, I have to tell you.  I truly don’t need the additional days to blog and keep feeling like I should be true to Chloe’s spirit.

This being said, I have been pondering the concept of Compromise (with a capital C, no less!).  There seem to be countless views on the subject but the ones that keep popping into my mind are as follows…







Luckily, I’ve never had to do this, but I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment and it’s definitely something to teach our children.

Then, there’s this one…

Now…  I like a good song lyric as much as the next person, but just because Maroon 5 said it, doesn’t make it so.  I do think that compromise in this situation is more a “get along/go along” philosophy and not a compromise on the magnitude of the one above.

And, last but not least, is probably my personal favourite, since it appeals to my rather sarcastic view of the world….












However, if you think about it… which I have…  it seems to blend the two nicely.  No earth-shattering, principle-breaking change need take place. Simply we agree to disagree.  Another thing my dad taught me.  We can respect each other’s views and understand each other’s point of view, but fundamentally disagree – whether we are talking politics, religion, parenting, money, relationships…. the list goes on.

Perhaps this concept is key in attaining emotional austerity this month.  Wish I’d thought of it earlier.  (Let’s blame Chloe.  She’s not here.)

Take care and have an awesome day tomorrow.  I’ll see you then!  s. xoxo