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Key to any relationship is communication.  I’ve thought a great deal this month about how different people have different communication styles and how a lack of appreciation for differing styles can land you in hot water.  Hot water in any relationship is the opposite of highly conducive when it comes to emotional austerity and, therefore, it has garnered a great deal of thought this month.  In fact, this is me on any given day….





I’m laying this squarely at my dad’s (bless his heart) feet.  He was given to grand ideas and extremely philosophical musings.  My overthinking is not always so lofty.  I can take any subject, topic, occurrence and think it to death from every conceivable actual – I might even make up a few.

In the case of differing communication styles, I was reminded of a business course Glenn took some years ago.  He tromped off to Ontario for a week and came back with new knowledge and…. a book.  With a nifty little quiz, no less. I remember being in the garden at the time, being subjected to the dozen questions, Glenn with a big smile, so sure what my communication style would be.

The basis of the analysis is that we are genetically pre-disposed to communicate in different ways – four to be exact.  The author of said nifty book, Joseph Sherren, had identified the traits of each of the four groups and labeled them – Eagle, Peacock, Owl, Dove.  Turns out the majority of people are doves.  Pretty sure if I remember correctly he had me sized up as an Owl/Dove.  Turns out I’m an Eagle/Peacock and he’s an Eagle/Owl.  That’s why we communicate so well.

When this test came back to me, I searched in vain for a very long time. There is a test online that multiple websites referred to, but it isn’t the same. Glenn was able to give me enough info, however, for me to find it and you can take it here.  It’s an eye-opener for sure.  If you’re interested in the author’s take on spotting different communicators on sight, you can watch his video…

Eagles, Owls, Peacocks & Doves

So, whether you are at work, at home, speaking to friends, family members or strangers, a little communication tolerance can go a long way.  According to Mr. Sherren, communication can be enhanced by as much as 30% by being aware of your style and adapting to suit others.

I, for one, am printing out a copy to keep with me.  I’ll be quizzing my friends for weeks.  I hope I’m in for the same surprise Glenn was in when he thought he had me all sized up.  Where would the fun be in knowing everything???

Until Monday!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  I know I will!  Chloe comes home!!!!!!   s. xoxo