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Hallo!! I have finally arrived back in Canada after two weeks of touring castles, making friends and having the best time of my life. I fell in love with Germany and all of the people there, and I definitely have to say that it was incredibly hard to leave. After a tearful goodbye, I boarded my plane and am now where I am currently! As far as austerity goes, I didn’t really do too much of that…

Every single day in Mainz was a happy day, full of fun and spent with people I loved. Obviously there were people I missed (a few friends and my family), but that was more of a side emotion. My current emotion is still sadness, because everything here (besides my wonderful family) makes me miss Germany even more. These next few weeks will take a lot of getting used to and definitely a lot of wishful thinking about the next trip I will make to my European friends.

Sorry this post couldn’t be much longer, but it is currently 6:30 AM in Mainz and that’s the time I am running on… Which means it is DEFINITELY time for bed. I will post many pictures and talk of my wonderful adventures on Wednesday! But until then, ciao darlings! … xoxo Chloe