Hi it”s Nick.  I had a “coach” once who was really mean to everybody. And I really didn’t like him. He made one of my classmates cry and said don’t tease her she’s already been teased enough by me. That was mean. I just stared at him with my mouth open.  And I didn’t know what to do about it.  I felt lonely because everybody else still liked him.  I didn’t respect him any more though and I think it showed.  It made him target me next.  He was really mean to me and said I was stupid which I’m not.

When I talked to my parents, they wanted to fix it for me.  I didn’t want them to talk to him though so I asked for advice instead.  They said that it might be possible that my lack of respect might be showing on my face and that it was provoking him.  (What they actually said was that I probably looked like I was constantly flipping him off in my head……. which I kind of was.)  They really wanted to handle it, but I asked them to give me a chance first.  I promised them I’d try to be kinder to him hoping he’d show respect back and it worked.  He did.  When I was nice to him he was nice back. Actually he was nice to everybody.

So this week I actually had something to tell.  I guess what I learned was that sometimes even grown-ups can be immature (actually I already knew that part) and that you have to fix things yourself.  And sometimes even though it’s not your problem to fix – it was his – you can fix it.  I have power I never knew I had.

Goodbye and have a good week.  Actually have a great week!