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Right out of the gate, let’s address the fact that I’m playing fill-in duty again. (Sarah here.)  Glenn’s in the big TO at national meetings and I offered to write his post today.  So, my apologies to those of you expecting my lovely hubby, but he’s got his hands full with work.

Today being May 1st, we are launching a new topic here at the House of Austere.  This month, we will be debuting “Environmental Austerity (External)”.  In essence, we are on a quest to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible within the framework of the lifestyle we desire.  Some things we have been doing for a very, very long time.  Others not so much. And some of our habits just need a good old boot in the keister.

It was Nicholas that reminded me of this topic to give credit where credit is due.  The “external” part of our topic heading means exactly that.  The focus is on anything that happens/exists outside of our house – the car (aka the gas-guzzling beast from hell), the garden, shopping, etc.  We will have another month – an “internal” month – to address our power consumption, cleaning products, personal products, etc. Given that the garden is bursting madly at the moment and Nicholas and I have several projects planned, the topic seemed fitting.

Please remember that we are only human and our end goal is to craft the perfect family life for us.  What we do or fail to do this month is no reflection on how important we think the environment is.  Everyone plays their role differently and with the environment, I see this more clearly than other things perhaps because we are so good at some things (being vegetarian is massive) but so glaringly awful at others (gas-guzzling SUV mentioned before).  Our balance will not be your balance.  We just want to get better.  The “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra just happens to dovetail perfectly with our austerity quest.

Have a green day!!  s. xoxo