Good evening to all of the wonderful people reading this right now! My week has been going by painfully slow and I am really wishing I was back in Mainz right now, touring castles and partying at the Rhine. As nice as it is to be back with my friends and family, I definitely am missing all my friends in Germany a crazy amount! I made so many best friends there that I just love and can’t wait to see again next summer. Yes, that’s right – I have already decided when I will be back in Germany!! The sooner the better, and at the absolute latest I will be there next summer, hanging with my Deutsch bitches and making new friends.

I cannot give enough glowing reviews of Germany, and I advise everybody to take the time to go to Mainz. The people there are wonderful – they are friendly, sweet, funny, their English is impeccable and they’re amazingly well dressed!! The architecture there is also amazing, and the culture is just grand. I was surely surprised by how austerely they spend every day of their lives though! Who would have guessed that spending a lot of money to get away from this mad house of austerity, would bring me to even CRAZIER austere people?

The thing about Germany is that nobody relies on cars to get them anywhere. You could literally live your entire life (married, with kids) in Mainz, without any car whatsoever. The bus, train and tram set up is so amazing and so much more advanced than ours is in Canada, that even I didn’t mind taking the bus!! With so many people using public transit, it no longer is something to be thought down of, nor is it shady at all. Melina (my exchange partner and BFF) and I took the train home at one o’clock in the morning on my last night there, and though we were training into a small town in the middle of the night – the train was FULL! The train was full of families, mothers with babies and business men. Not full of crack addicts, drunks and prostitutes, as the buses here are at night!

Along with the transportation, there are many other things about the Germans that is just so advanced and normal there, it was utterly refreshing. Being there really made me realize all the ridiculous things we judge one another about here. In Germany, you are who you are, you wear what you want, you talk how you want, and you act how you like – and you still have friends. It was totally amazing to be immersed in such a wonderful culture, and I really wish I knew how North America is so very different and what we can do to be more like these brilliant people. Needless to say, I had a wonderful time and all of us exchanges cannot wait to go back and experience even more of these amazing people. Until Saturday! … xoxo Chloe

p.s. Here’s a great German artist that I am absolutely loving listening to!! –>