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Today, I’m going to be talking about something super sexy…..  Your carbon footprint.  I know, right?  Pretty risque….  As we begin this month, our thoughts on reducing our consumption and impact environmentally needs a frame of reference.  I thought calculating our carbon footprint would be a good starting point.

Cue Google…  “carbon footprint calculator”…. Over a million hits and pages and pages of decent-looking prospects.  I chose our province’s LiveSmart BC website and plugged in our numbers. It asked for annual electricity and heating costs and then specifics regarding large appliance and vehicle usage.  It also asked for flight segments & length.

After clicking “finished”, I almost had a heart attack.  I skimmed the average B.C. usage, reading 11.5 tonnes of GHG emissions each year, and settled on our household number of a whopping 25.789 tonnes per year.  Holy hell, I thought.  Bye bye, SUV.  I breathed through my heart palpitations and tweaked and re-tweaked until all honesty was out the window.  Only to find out the 11.5 was PER PERSON.  Oh.  Times four, that’s 46 tonnes.  We are at half the annual average, not double.  Breathe, Sarah.  Breathe.

If you play with the numbers and swap out vehicles, we will save 3+ tonnes annually.  BUT the replacement vehicle only seats 4 comfortably, 5 in a pinch. I can seat 7 now, and do at times.  So, we’ll have to think long and hard about that one.

If I remove our travel, we are down to 11 tonnes total for the year.  How is that possible?  What are other people doing???  Is everyone flying somewhere?  Or do people just do A LOT of laundry?  Run the dishwasher daily?  Have a warmer house than us?  Okay, that one is ENTIRELY possible.  I like a house a tad on the cool side.  I have friends that can attest to that.  And kids.  And a husband.  Whatever.  Hot flashes, people!  Focus!

The point is that dissecting your life in any way, shape or form is interesting and sure to bring something noteworthy to your attention.  And some things are easily do-able, while others are quite difficult.  Even if your motivation is low, there are simple changes that you can make that will make an enormous impact.  Actually, that’s a great idea for my next post.  Done.

So…  I will see you on Monday with a list of simple things we can all do to minimize our impact with minimum fuss.  Until then, have a fantastic, fun weekend!  Sarah.  xo