I’m looking at the plane’s in-flight map as I write this and I find that we are almost directly over Regina.   The third and final week of my April travel is almost complete.  Thank God.   I don’t think I’ve ever felt so drained.

As I have had to hand in my computer today for upgrades, I’ve resorted to scribbling this down freehand on a notepad for later entry.   My “writing”, I notice, is atrocious.  My dependence over the years on keyboards has destroyed what little legibility I may have once had.  You might say I have penmanship austerity.   Good luck to me trying to interpret this mess later on tonight.

I checked through security at the airport earlier and almost suffered cardiac arrest when I opened my bag to withdraw my computer only to find it wasn’t there.  After my life ceased flashing before my eyes, I carried unsteadily on.   Only to have the exact same reaction several minutes ago when I reached into my bag to look for my computer to write this post.  It is like my mind cannot reconcile with the fact that my computer and I are no longer attached.   I imagine it’s much like a person who loses a limb.   The mind goes on thinking its there, unable to come to terms with the loss.   I think I have diagnosed a new medical condition:  EPLS – Electronic Phantom Limb Syndrome.

This does make me think how dependent we are on gadgets these days.  Crackberries, iPads, Kimbles, the list goes on and on.   Earlier, I skimmed through Air Canada’s in-flight magazine and saw a BMW advertisement for a new model where you opened the trunk by sweeping your foot under the back bumper.  Ah, what?   Keyless remote entry not enough?  What’s next?  How about sticking your finger up your nostril and having a Kleenex pop up from the console?   Just because technology allows you to do something doesn’t mean it’s sensible.   We are a culture always craving the next best thing.   Programmed like so many robots.    I know that this is a month of environmental austerity for us, not technology austerity.   But I do look forward to the month in which we cut back on all of our electronic crap that controls us.   Personally, I think that this will be the toughest of months.

Then again, with technology so pervasive, perhaps this does apply to environmental austerity after all.  Cutting back on some of this stuff can only improve the health of our environment in the end.

Have a nice weekend, my fellow bots!