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Hi it’s Nick. I know we are doing environmental austerity this month and we learned some things about the environment at school and I’ll tell you about them. We learned recycle anything you can if you can’t reuse it. We also learned that the animal’s habitat is getting destroyed because humans are destroying it. Also the trees breathe in carbon dioxide and the more we cut down trees the more we get sick.

We’re running out of resources too.  All the mining stuff has taken all of the resources. IT MAKES ME SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry it does. My mom and I are going to plant trees soon. maybe I can talk to you about that later. When I get older I’m going to create a robot dude to go back in time and destroy the mining equipment. I can make the next Terminator movie. Sorry I had a spaz attack. I’m just mad we’re destroying the earth. Thanks for reading.  Talk to you next week.  Have a good week.  Bye.