Happy Saturday, everyone! I’ve had a really good week and have been enjoying the lovely weather and gorgeous blue sky. I have been taking my time to lay out in the sun, hangout with friends and walk my dog. Pierre’s been looking a little lonely lately, so I thought it was definitely a good idea to spend a little quality time with him! And the fact that I’m now getting paid to do it definitely had nothing to do with it… No, siree… Not. At. All. Okay, maybe just a little.

Ever since I got back from Germany (yes, I do know I start most of my posts with this sentence, but this is different!), I really started to think about my gym membership. Steve Nash is a fabulous gym and I always really enjoyed going to it! But with that said, it’s a 10 minutes drive there and back every single time and it’s 55 dollars a month. Now, that’s not that bad for a monthly rate, however with all the gas used to get there – it can get pretty ridiculous!

When I first signed up at Steve Nash, my mom made a deal with me – I needed to go three times a week to make the membership worthwhile. This seemed like a pretty good deal to me, and I tried my hardest to keep up my end of the bargain. However, making time to go to the gym three times a week always proved to be rather difficult! I mean, come on, when you’re sitting at home, comfy and on your couch, do you really wanna get dressed, make your mama drive you all the way there, and workout? Umm…well I sure as hell never really wanted to! I mean, not to mention the CRAZY amount of gas it takes to drive all the way there. And think it through – driving…to workout? Doesn’t make any sense to me, that’s for sure!!

Therefore, all of this is what brought me to the new negotiation my mama and I drew up! I have decided to give up my Nash membership and will start walking Pierre three times every week. If I can keep up my side of things, I will get all the money that we were paying monthly! 😀 That sounds like a damn good deal to me, seeing as I’m trying to save up and keep my fitness up and it’s wayyyy better for the environment!

Wednesday was my first day walking Pierre since this negotiation has been set and Shelby and I took the poochies down to the beach for a long, lovely walk. It was a great time and I’m already on my way to making some money and saving the environment!! And as I said, this entire post made it back to external environmental austerity. So, yay me!! Hahaha until next time, lovelies! … xoxo Chloe