Hi guys. Today is Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I got my mom a gift card from Indigo and a homemade card. I love my mom she is very caring and she is the best mom ever. (Yeah I said it she’s better than your mom.) What should I get my dad on fathers day? What did you get your moms? I appreciate my mom because she always gives me advice and I look up to her. I am the luckiest kid on earth to have my mom.

Yesterday, my dad and I went on a very long canoe trip. While we were on the canoe I thought of a cabin in the woods and my dad and I are thinking about it. It would be sooooooooooooooooooooo fffffuuuuuunnnnnnn. Hope you enjoyed my post. See you next Sunday. Bye!

p.s.  Tell your mothers you love them.