Tonight, I’m making a u-turn off the austerity highway and asking the question, “Remind me again why we did this?”  So far this year, I have cooked, cleaned, purged, donated, organized, passed up on ski days and Spring Break pool-side lounging, dieted, expressed myself emotionally (to ill effect), curtailed my shopping, decorating, gift-buying, and general carefree consumer attitude.  I have also blogged, helped with blogging, learned about tagging and categories, hyperlinks and Twitter (Oh my god, Twitter!! Seriously.)   This Year of Austere has above all else been….  A LOT OF WORK.

I’m pretty sure at the onset I knew it would be challenging, but I didn’t know the full mental and emotional toll it would take participating in a project of such magnitude and duration.  I thought it would look more like this…













…. and less like this….

I mean really.  You just know there’s no turning back, it’s going to hurt and it will NOT end well.  Did no one think to warn me?  Everyone was all encouraging and everything. Not one person said, “Um…  Don’t you think that by May this might suck?”

Whew!  Glad I got that out.  Thanks.  Just like old Wile E. Coyote, I will walk away from this disaster of a moment, blackened and bruised sure, but walking under my own steam.  I will probably do something even sillier.  Do you think Acme sells “Year of the Nervous Breakdown” in a box??  Kaboom!!!  s. xoxo