Good evening everyone!! I have been working on a list of things that make me happy and have decided that this will be what my post is on this week. I was surprised to find out how many small things make me happy, and also how many different things about certain people make me happy too. It was quite interesting to find all these things out about myself and I’m quite excited to share my list with all of you. Hopefully it will inspire you to all make your own!! 😀 Without further ado, my list:

1. Every single one of my family members.
2. Toddlers & Tiaras.
3. Natasha’s constant jokes.
4. Going on Facebook and seeing I have a new message from any of my Germans.
5. Waking up on a weekday and not being tired.
6. Fridays.
7. Any of Kyle’s text messages.
8. Walking down the main high school hallway in extremely high heels.
9. Cute babies.
10. Shelby’s random wall posts.
11. Going shopping and finding something to buy in more than one store.
12. Abby’s smile and laugh.
13. My mom’s homemade lentil stew.
14. When Jenna Marbles puts out a new video that’s extremely funny and has me quoting it for days.
15. Mr. Ellett’s jokes.
16. Watching any of the Real Housewives series with mom.
17. Cuddling with Emma.
18. Germany, Germany, Germany.
19. Finishing a blog post prior to the day I have to post it.
20. Cro songs.
21. Bollywood music and dances.
22. Waking up to see the sun bright in the sky.
23. Going out with my friends and having an absolutely fabulous night.
24. Reading a really good book.
25. Getting writing inspiration.
26. Laughing so hard that my stomach aches for the next few hours.
27. Kiah and Jose’s racially inappropriate jokes.
28. Going to Starbucks for a drink and a pastry on Sunday mornings with my dad.
29. Anything and everything hot pink.
30. When my dog is walking and he begins to snort.
31. Learning new words in different languages.
32. The last day of school.
33. When my hair turns out looking perfect without having to do anything whatsoever.
34. Nights when the stars look huge in the sky.
35. Things with excessive amounts of glitter on them.
36. Menchies frozen yogurt.
37. Boys of the German variety.
38. Performing on stage and being the center of attention.
39. Getting a really good picture that I know will make a perfect Facebook profile picture.
40. Thinking about my future.
41. Cruising down by the beach with Cheyenne in her convertible Punch Buggy.
42. Wearing a really cute outfit and feeling awesome all day.
43. The ring of the final bell at the end of the school day.
44. Taryn’s unique style.
45. When I crack a joke and make everyone in the room start laughing.
46. Going for a really good workout.
47. Laying outside in the sun and getting a nice tan.
48. Dancing around the house in the morning with my mom and Nick.
49. Watching a really juicy episode of Dance Moms.
50. Everything about my mommy.

Hope you liked it, and until next time… xoxo Chloe