Today, I’ve been researching guerilla gardening online to get a few ideas that might translate into our own garden or community.  We have a community garden within a few minutes’ drive (Fine!  Or 20 minutes on bike!) that we were lucky enough to visit on a field trip when Nicholas was in Kindergarten Glenn came home a few weeks ago all enthused about it, having discovered it while doing some photography.  I think he was a little deflated when I told him we already knew about it.  It’s a particularly awesome one and is the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the term “guerilla gardening”.

I also looked into the proposed conversion of a local bridge to a park, but that idea seemed to fizzle before it even started and is, as far as I know, off the table.  That was a little sad as I was ready to hop all over that bandwagon. Last year, I caught a glimpse of the High Line in NYC and was well and truly impressed.  This was immediately after reading the initial proposal for our local bridge and I was pretty excited at the thought.  Oh well…

I also came across countless tutorials on making your own seedbombs, which apparently have been around since the ’70’s.  Who knew?  You can easily google it and find your own.  The most organized (aka commercial) of the sites I visited was Greenaid.  They sell pre-made seedbombs out of converted candy machines.  Pretty cool actually.  See…







So, whatever your level of interest – fun-loving (imagine shooting those babies with a slingshot), get-your-hands-dirty, political e-mail mover & shaker – there exists an environmental niche for you.  You just have to do the tiniest bit of investigation.  Until next time, I will leave you with a little inspiration. Take care…  Sarah. xoxo