Howdy, y’all!! I’ve had a lovely week and have started a wonderful weekend as well, and I hope everybody else’s days are going the same. My girlfriend’s 16th birthday dinner was tonight and I was faced with a very interesting situation. While out with my mom to get my friend a present, she decided she wanted to take me shopping for something for myself because she ‘really wanted to buy me something’. After going into one store and not finding anything, my mom insisted on going to another store. I automatically turned her down and said I definitely didn’t need anything and that this was just ridiculous. When she continued to push the shopping matter, I told her I didn’t even want to go shopping, which was the truth. This was followed by my mom looking at me like I had three heads all sprouting out my neck.

This whole situation really made me realize that this year really has taught me stuff and changed my whole being as well! I mean, I swear I thought I was going to die not being able to shop. And hey, I’m still alive! However, I did decide to put together a little picture show of how my shopping attitude has changed so drastically… So, you’re welcome.

Before Year of Austere, I looked like this:

When I heard about Year of Austere:

The beginning months:



So there you have it!! In only 5 months I went from Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic to the Littlest Elf from the Series of Unfortunate Events. (With a little Mean Girls and Girl, Interrupted too!) So I guess what I am truly trying to say is that this experience is already having a huge affect on me without me even realizing it! I am so glad we decided to do this and I can’t wait to see what I’ll be like after a whole year!! Until Wednesday… xoxo Chloe