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Today, I want to talk about living walls.  A living wall is a wall that has plants living in it.  We are lucky to have an amazing one here at the Semiahmoo library.  They improve the environment by reducing carbon dioxide.  I looked up a bunch and here are a few pictures.

















Okay.  I just found pictures and the one for the library says “this is the largest and most biologically diverse vertical garden in North America”.  That’s cool. Here’s a photo…

Here are some benefits of living (or green) walls…

* Shield from sun, and the rain *

* They create living works of art *

* They purify your air *

* Dampen noise pollution *

* They reduce stress *

* And last but certainly not least, they make the world greener *

I’m happy people are finding a way to reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you for reading, have a nice week. Bye.  Nick.