Well hello, strangers!! It has been an entire week since you heard from me and I really must apologize for all the broken hearts I must have caused. I have been rather busy lately and constantly on the go, and I am very, very sorry! With that said, I have to say that I am very glad that this month is almost over, and all this environmental shat can be done with. I mean, jeeze Louise, I was about to commit suicide!

Though I believe the environment is something that is very important and whatnot, it is really not the funnest thing to write about. Like, at all. There is really only so much talking about random stuff I’ve pulled out of my ass that I wanna do! I do enough of that when writing school essays, let alone now. I am already a vegetarian and do a ton for the environment with that, I really have a hard time making myself do anything else. And with the current state of the environment – I’m guessing everyone is thinking the same thing!!

I mean, people don’t have many environmental options anyway…

– I could hop on a bike (with a helmet on) and ride it to school, which would make there be no car fumes and all that other stuff… But is that worth a lifetime of being called ‘helmet head’ and having no friends?

– I could rip my entire house apart and replace all my plumbing, heating and everything else with more ‘environmentally aware’ equipment. But that is just a waste of the money I have to spend in this one life I possess, just to make a better world for who? Future generations who don’t give a damn? I think not!

– Or I could give up every electronic I have ever bought and lose all contact with anybody I know. And that doesn’t sound like a very good option, seeing as it puts me right back to the first scenario…friendless!

I bet as anyone reads my list, you are realizing that any options environmentalists give us are so incredibly ridiculous and so unlikely that we automatically disregard them entirely. Maybe if suggestions were more practical, people would actually do them instead of going ‘eh, whatever, you know YOLO and all’. (Okay, I hope people don’t actually say that, but that’s besides the point!!) So as far as I’m concerned, turn the lights off, take a half hour long shower instead of a 45 minute one, unplug your lamp – and you are all heroes in my eyes! You should be commended for your good work, and not told you need to do more… And no, this isn’t just an excuse for me to get out of doing anything… Or is it? 😉 … xoxo Chloe