Well, some emotional stuff lately. Cheez. Sarah’s pissed.

No one said this blogging thing was going to be a walk in the park. When she first floated the idea several years ago… (oh, was that only 5 months ago? Nooo! Really?)…I recall saying “I don’t think so!” And yet, here we are still, writing 5 months later. We might be mumbling and complaining and downright pissed off by it, but damn it, WE ARE STILL HERE (p.s. that’s me shouting BTW, my lonely voice reverberating off the walls of an empty global room).

That’s something at least, isn’t it?

After Chloe’s, shall we say, “eye opening, gut slamming, environmentally unfriendly (at least on the surface)” post the other night, I think Sarah and I were about to throw this whole thing out the window.  Hasta la vista, baby.  But who came to the rescue in our time of need? Our ten year old son. “I started this” Nicholas said vehemently last night at dinner, “And I am not going to give it up.” Talk about a wake-up call for us adults!

So herein lies the value of what we are doing. To varying degrees and in different ways, we are learning about ourselves and about each other. Whether it is Nick standing his ground and giving us all a lesson on commitment and discipline, or Chloe expressing her opinion that might be at odds with our own, we are watching our kids step up and out. And we are learning about ourselves as parents. This is a very good thing. Even if precious few are reading this blog regularly, there is value to us as individuals and as a family. And in this we should take some solace.

So, onwards we march. To those of you out there who are reading this epic, I’m glad you are (maybe drop us a line and introduce yourself if you haven’t already).

For those of you who are not, well, you are missing one helluva journey.  Your loss.

Enjoy the weekend.