Hey gang! I want to start off by saying that I feel I definitely need to explain my last post before I do anything else. I have had many mixed comments from my friends, family and readers and I’m sensing that many people do not fully understand what I was trying to say. Contrary to many beliefs, I was not ‘shitting’ on anybody, nor was I belittling what any of my family members had said prior to my last post. I was merely trying to say what I feel is the truth and give people a reality check for themselves.

As a general human population, I do think that if you are to push too hard with an idea or a different way of thinking, we will automatically shut the idea down. I know that I personally do that. I remember when I was a young child, I would always push and push and push my mom to take me to the park, or for ice cream, or for anything else exciting. When I did this, she always proceeded to say ‘Chloe, you are making it into a chore and I no longer want to do it.’ Since I was pushing her to do something so much, it began to seem like she was required to do it and it was necessary, instead of something extra for her to do for me. And that’s what I feel many environmentalists do to the general population. They ask for too much, and in return receive nothing.

My comments regarding doing small things were said because I feel as if many people believe you can either do nothing at all or go the whole way. And that’s not true at all! Doing anything is better than sitting on your ass and letting the world go to shit. Anything, whatsoever!! What I was trying to say is that no one needs to feel as if they need to convert their entire house into a green living space, with furniture made of recycled plastic and clothing made of old stop signs. Anything you can do that is better for the environment than what you are doing now will help!! So don’t let anyone make you feel like the little you are doing isn’t enough. Because then you may stop doing even that.

I would also like to say as a last comment, that I seriously did not want my last post to seem as if I couldn’t care less about the environment. I really do think that this is a very serious topic and we do need to get on top of it, I was simply saying the way we are going about it is all wrong. I hope now more people can understand where I’m coming from and not think I’m some crazy anti-environmentalist and I can’t wait for the world to end. With that said, I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all on Wednesday! … xoxo Chloe