Hi everyone.  Nick here.  I am looking forward to practicing the art of school austerity, because summer is fun.  June is always stocked full of events at school such as Sports Day, year-end party, early dismissals, & assemblies. Also, the weather warms up or even gets hot.

Some of my favourite June activities are: birthday parties, pool parties, beach days, camping with my Dad and sister, slushies from Mac’s, reading in my tree fort, canoeing, watermelon.  You get the point.  I can’t wait for Summer and it’s so close. And there’s the last pre-teen dance of the year.  That will be fun!  I’ve heard that on the last pre-teen dance of the school year, we’re supposed to bring glow sticks.  I wonder if Mom’ll let me buy one?

Have a good week!  Talk to you on Sunday.  Bye!

p.s. I love June!