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This month we have decided to do away with the usual blog topics and just write about whatever we are doing here at Casa Austere.  So, I guess you could say we are revelling in blog topic austerity, if nothing else.  We will likely re-visit topics from the first 5 months of the year as well as perhaps introduce topics that we will highlight in months to come.  To make a long story short, we’re gonna wing it.

Since my last post, I have been doing three things…. 1) Reading a popular, salacious novel.  😉  2) shovelling “mushroom” manure onto the garden (20 wheelbarrows full so far…)  and, 3) trying to find my happy place again.

In the spirit of #3, I thought I’d share my “100 Things That Make Me Happy” list from 101 in 1001.  So, here goes…
  1. Glenn
  2. Chloe
  3. Nicholas
  4. the colour pink
  5. flipping the pillow to the cold side
  6. a cold drink on a hot day
  7. beer, any time
  8. Paris
  9. public gardens
  10. flowers when you’re least expecting them
  11. homemade gifts
  12. the sun on my face
  13. the wind in my hair
  14. bumping the tunes in the car
  15. dancing
  16. jigsaw puzzles
  17. making lists
  18. smells that remind me of times/people gone by
  19. finding a magazine in my mailbox
  20. walking on the beach
  21. painting
  22. croissants – the real ones.  In France.  Sitting in a cafe with a tiny coffee.
  23. coffee in Rome
  24. the thought of future grandchildren
  25. the sounds of a motorcycle coming down the street when I think it’s Glenn
  26. friends & family
  27. buying tickets to a show/concert
  28. beautiful jewelry
  29. road trips
  30. lying in bed with magazines, books, etc. & watching movies or not
  31. funny text messages
  32. SNL
  33. comment notifications on our blog
  34. my garden – at times
  35. Christmas
  36. strings of fairy lights
  37. candlelight
  38. living in the moment
  39. getting my feet wet – at the beach, in a lake, in a river, from a hose…
  40. random acts of kindness
  41. calling a charity to increase our monthly donation
  42. good hair days
  43. getting pedicures
  44. watching the first show in the new season of a show I’m addicted to (aka TB)
  45. the beep the coffeemaker makes when it’s ready
  46. picking up the kids any day, but especially the last day of the school year
  47. Pinterest – sad, but true
  48. clicking “publish” on a really good blog post
  49. photography – mine, yours, anyone’s as long as it moves me
  50. cute ski hats
  51. the moment when you fold/flip your omelette/crepe and it’s perfect
  52. lighting a candle in an old church
  53. beautiful old art – paintings, statuary, jewelry, anything
  54. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
  55. catching that one perfect wave body surfing
  56. missing the wave, ending up with a mouthful of salt water & realizing you’re alive & at the beach, dude.  Life is good.
  57. the smell of roasting marshmallow – just the smell
  58. Gandalf
  59. old Road Runner clips
  60. Granville Island
  61. my niece, Christine
  62. finding old photos of me and thinking, “Damn, you were hot then.”
  63. hearing the birds chirping outside my window, as long as they didn’t wake me up
  64. really good vanilla ice cream, swirled ’til it’s creamy
  65. the moment each year when I am sure the wisteria survived the winter
  66. moments when I know for sure my kids adore each other
  67. really nice bedding to climb into each night
  68. freshly remembered memories of loved ones past
  69. the perfect G&T
  70. the moment you’ve made a new recipe & the whole family loves it
  71. waking up & realizing it’s a blank slate
  72. tucking my kids in at night & wishing them sweet dreams
  73. finding out people you love are pregnant/expecting
  74. eating grapes
  75. finishing a great workout
  76. jumping jacks – with a really good bra
  77. picnics
  78. pretty birthday cakes that taste oh, so good too
  79. my tattoo & contemplating new tattoos
  80. watching a long-anticipated movie & finding out it was worth the wait
  81. chips & salsa at/from Las Margaritas
  82. booking vacations
  83. hell, going ON vacations
  84. coming home again
  85. hearing compliments about my kids
  86. realizing it’s a big life & living it
  87. browsing in a beautiful book store
  88. pizza by the slice in the city
  89. doing something silly and one of the kids saying, “Oh my god, Mom.”
  90. every single day of Summer
  91. finding out we’re going to Victoria & the Horths invite us for dinner
  92. funny hashtags
  93. berry picking
  94. every single memory of my Dad & his twinkling eyes
  95. driving off the lot in a new car
  96. using all of my letters in Words with Friends
  97. finding out someone you were concerned about is okay now
  98. the smell of Aveda shampoo – the one my mom used to buy me
  99. an outdoor hot tub in the snow
  100. Glenn, Chloe & Nicholas ❤ ❤ ❤

And, just like that *snap*, I’m happy again.  Now, I have to go and clean out a drawer or something.  Or…  help Glenn empty that darn wine bottle.  😉     Cheers!  Sarah