Greetings from Idaho!! 🙂 I had a fantastic week, topped off with a great Friday night out with my friends, 4 hours of sleep and then an 8 hour car ride to Idaho for my cousin’s graduation party. The car ride with my mom, my other cousin and her two kids, was very long but still a good time! We then arrived at my aunt and uncle’s house and promptly went for dinner. Now this is where things started to get interesting…

My first cousin (the one who drove up with us) is a naturally funny woman, with a great sense of humor and a quick comeback whenever necessary. So picture this lady and then add numerous glasses of gin and tonic to the equation, and think of what the outcome might be… Then multiply that by seventeen. By the time we left the restaurant, we were all in hysterics, laughing our asses off about absolutely everything. Turns out my cousin is even funnier (and fluent in Spanish) when slightly intoxicated!!

For everyone’s entertainment, here are a few snippets of the conversation that went on tonight…

– (My cousin to my mom): “I still have the pajamas from that time I peed in your bed and never told you!” and “Do you want a lap dance?”

– (My cousin to me): “I’ve always loved red hair…will you dye my hair tomorrow and give me a manicure?” and “Watch it!! I watch my kids’ karate lessons every Saturday and I will take you down.”

– (My cousin to my other cousin): “Stop not drinking, you’re not fooling anybody!”

This was also accompanied by the talk of milking llamas, McDonalds milkshakes and Mexico… Don’t ask me!!

So I guess my point of this post is that even though family can sometimes be absolutely insane and some of the most embarrassing people you’ll ever have in your life, you can’t take them for granted. You only have one family! I also guess this night has made me realize that I wish I saw my extended family more, because they’re a hoot to be around and I love them! So an austerity of family is something I want no longer, and I really think this is an important thing. Even if the only thing you can get out of time spent with them is an interesting story or a Facebook status, it’s worth it because family is more important than anything else. So with that said, good night to all and a very happy graduation to my lovely cousin Kacy!! … xoxo Chloe