Wazzup bitches!? 🙂 I have had quite the interesting (to say the least) week, and I am positive what I need an austerity of. It involves bitches messing with one another for no apparent reason and starting stuff because they feel like it. I am sure every single person has been through this at least once, and I am positive everyone can relate. What is my topic of this lovely Wednesday, you may be asking yourself right now? Drama. (And yes, that is a real topic. If my dad can write about his ‘lyfe in da hood’, I can write about drama!! ;))

Over the past couple weeks, many of my girlfriends have felt the need to start drama with me and/or other girls in our group. Why? I couldn’t tell ya, ’cause I’m wondering myself! And that’s not it, even boys are trying to cause drama these days! I mean, honestly…

With summer drawing SO close (I only have 6 days of school left), I really cannot understand these drama-causers rationale. If you have beef with someone, you’re not gonna have to see them after a week… But no, people can’t figure that out for themselves! Instead, let’s talk about one another behind our backs, make up lies, be complete and utter bitches and even try to get other people involved. Goodness me, people drive me crazy…

My point of this post is to make people really think through their actions, figure out if they’re really necessary, and then find whether or not they are the drama-causers. And if you are, STOP! Grow up and deal with your shit directly to the person you have beef with. Simple, easy and dealt with. BAM! Also, remember that if you go into a discussion with your guns blazing, you’re guaranteed to have the same reaction back. Until Saturday lovers…xoxo Chloe

p.s. If any of you have friends like me, don’t even try to start stuff with them, because they will take you down… 😉

p.s.s. If anyone has knowledge on why people are so bothersome and ridiculous, care to share? Thanks a ton! ❤