Realizing that I’m not as “fly” as the rest of the fam, I feel safe posting this vaguely humorous, Willy Wonka meme on austerity.  If I thought the inherent economic mood would convince my family to flip from the Year of Austere to the Year of Mega Mass Consumption, I’d float the idea.  I mean we ARE nearing the halfway point and already we are having a blog topic austerity month.  Maybe, just maybe, the idea has run its course and we could do something fun.  Like go away for the weekend… or buy new deck chairs… or new sandals for the summer (*snort* If we ever get summer, that is…)…  I think it’s possible we are doing the economy a real disservice by curbing our spending at such a crucial time.  It’s actually quite irresponsible, don’t you think?  Come on, people!  Help me out!  I need a break!

If you read this and think we should have time off for good behaviour, please “like” this post and I’ll risk the wrath of the family purely to make you happy. That’s just the kind of gal I am.  I’d do almost anything for a friend.  Even take a break from austerity.  I mean, if I have to that is. 😉

Until Monday, I am austerely yours…  s. xoxo