Well, Sarah’s last post advocating for an “austerity holiday” was sad.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is an apt accounting of our collective mind state right now as a family.  It would be nice for the big A to go bye bye for a while.  But, we have six months to go, so let’s get on with it.

The problem as I see it is kind of a Catch 22.  On one hand, in order to write about something austere in nature, we actually have to be doing austere stuff.  Not just hauling ideas out of our asses just to get another post on paper.  But then, just as I think that we need to notch up our austerity creativity a few levels, I start to think:  Who will read that shite?  Personally, I’d rather someone yank out my fingernails one by one than try to entertain you with our backyard vegetable garden update.  Or how we sorted through yet another drawer looking for dregs that we can offload on someone else (I did a post on paring down books months ago and I’m still recovering from that).   This sort of stuff for me is like Chinese water torture, but worse, because the drip is even slower due to our austerity measures.  So, the end result is that I do nothing and the drawers remain as full of crap as they did in January.

Maybe people love reading that stuff.  It’s entirely possible.  Maybe, I’m not in tune with our readership.  Entirely probable.  (Listen to me.  I sound like the editor of the New York Times.  Our “readership”.  Sounds good though!).

But you feel me?  If you’re waiting for me to post something like this, I apologize in advance.  It ain’t happenin’.  I’m small-brained and need to be constantly stimulated.  Otherwise, I’d rather not do it.  The question is:  What austerity-related is truly stimulating?  Still searching for the answer on that one.

So, onward I quest for austerity that really matters.  Because sometimes, even austerity can go too far…

Have a good one.