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I feel like I’ve been off my austerity game for a while.  Not in tip top shape, so to speak. I’ve been trying to pinpoint the reason why my interest is dipping and with the exception of mid-year blues, I’ve concluded it’s the absence of most things Glenn.  You see… the man travels.

Now, given that our relationship formed via long distance (Seattle to Victoria), we have always had the spectre of separation with us.  And, over the years, there have been times when he has travelled 50% of the time (M-F that is). The last few years have been travel-light though and that has left me ill-prepared for all the time he’s been gone recently.  I mean, I like the guy. What can I say?

From our love-at-first-sight beginning – almost 25 years ago – to now, there is no one who makes me feel more whole.  I have now been with him more than half my life.  As Glenn says (more often than we’d like, sadly), “That shit cra’y”….  And it is a crazy thought.  I mean, in my brain, I am like 25 years old.  Tops.  Damn Newfy cradle robbers…

I cherish the man.  He is kind, intelligent, funny, confident, ethical, inspiring… The list goes on.  AND, he’s all mine.  Oh, and he’s a fantastic dad.  I am truly blessed.  I just wish he was at home more often.  I miss him.  We all do. Austerity of Glenn was not what we were going for.  Not at all.  So, honey, if you’re reading this between meetings, I adore you!  s. xoxo

…. unless he’s in Toronto….. 😉