Well, it’s 11PM Toronto time, and just returned from a dinner out with work colleagues after a long day of back to back meetings.  And I am exhausted.  Totally zapped.  I’ve come back to my hotel room, which looks like all others, after having dinner at a restaurant I supposedly dined at months ago but could not remember (because it looks like all others), only to remember that I had a post to write tonight.  Crap.  I have about enough energy to set my three alarms (some form of OCD there, no doubt) and hop into bed.  So, here I am in bed.  Unfortunately, my computer is in here with me because of this bloody post. 

So, I am thinking, what do I write tonight?  I am devoid of ideas and motivation.  At least I was, until I read Sarah’s post from last night.  Wow!  How does one respond to that?  It’s like she actually likes me or something.  I mean, REALLY likes me.  Is that shit cray or what?  Who knew that one could feel those things about little old me.  I’m all shy now.

But you know.  This is my Sarah.  Come hell or high water she is always there for me.  Coming to my rescue in the darkest of hours, not even knowing she’s doing so.  This post exists, on a night when I most needed to be rescued, because of her. 

She is my rock.  Pure and simple.  I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve a post like her last one (maybe she was in need of rescue too :)), but I have far and away gotten the better end of the decision that is our life together.

I adore you too my Sarah.  Good night.  And thank you for saving me, yet again.

Your Glenn xo