Happy Wednesday, lovers. 🙂 I have decided to write a poem about austerity. Just for fun, ya know? And don’t even bother saying it. You’re welcome.

An Ode To Austerity – By Chloe Case:

At the beginning of this year, my mother decide to talk about austerity,
With the hopes of bringing our family some clarity,
From the start I was down,
Thinking that it wouldn’t bring me any frowns,
But here I am now with a blog post to write,
And not a single darn idea in sight!
It is times such as this when I regret my decision,
Wondering what I was thinking in embracing my mother’s vision,
Now here we are six whole months in,
And what an adventure it has been…
In this time my father’s gone wacky,
He has started using phrases that are just rather tacky,
If one more time he is to say ‘that shit cray’,
Mark my words that will be his last day!
My brother’s post have become even better since the start,
Sometimes I feel like he is hurting my heart,
For he always has something good to write about,
Whereas I must always think so hard I think I may pass out!!
My mother is the last for now,
And for her I must really give her a bow,
For bringing us together to do this project,
I must give her loads of respect!
Sometimes austerity is not the best part of my day,
But the fact we are completing this together makes me want to yell YAY!!

That’s all for now folks, a big hug and a few kisses to my entire family, I love you loads and I am so glad we are doing this project together. Sometimes it is pretty hard and not the most fun, but it really is worthwhile and I am truly so proud of myself and all of us. ❤ Until Saturday! … xoxo Chloe

p.s. Mother, if you are reading this I know you told me to write about something ‘real’ tonight, and that I believe I did do. And if not, well remember how many nice things I said about you and how much I love you… 😉