Too often, we seek simple solutions abundantly.  By this, I mean that we as humans seem all too happy to hear the same principle/moral/ethic/tenet/mantra in an infinite array of words.  My Pinterest “Truth” board has 200 pins, so I’m all about saying something a million times when once would surely suffice.

Truly, all religions promote the same basic principles of love, kindness, honesty, honour, integrity, respect, compassion, you name it.  Yet the ways and means differ to the point of distraction.  A multitude of ways to make us focus on our differences rather than our similarities.

Same with anything really.  Look at the mad machine that is the weight loss industry.  A multi-billion dollar business that finds new and creative ways to teach people to eat healthy food, drink water, and exercise.  I mean honestly.

Perhaps my new favourite mantra is this…









Seems like excellent advice.  That is, until I find something else that appeals more….  Until Monday, have a pleasant weekend.  I intend to.  s. xoxo