Hey, hey, hey! 🙂 I’ve been having quite a good week, and an extremely busy and good day today, and I hope everybody else is doing the same. Today my girlfriend and I went for lunch before coming back to my house to tan a little bit (that is, before it began to rain like there was no tomorrow). She just recently left and now I am quickly attempting to write my post before my mom and I have to leave to head downtown. We have tickets to Russell Peters tonight, and we are both SO excited! He is so funny, and it’s guaranteed to be a fabulous show.

With all of that said, I am definitely having trouble coming up with an austere topic to write about in my limited amount of time. I personally think that since my Wednesday’s post was that wonderful poem, I should get a night off… But it seems that no matter how much I beg my dad to write my posts for me, or my mom to let me not write anything some nights – they’re relentless!! I mean honestly mother, you wrote all my posts while I was away in Germany…what’s one more post? 😉

How about I raise myself and you write my blogs? I swear I’ll try my darnedest not to turn out that horrible! 😀 Pretty please?

(*you’re, but that’s okay…) Don’t get mad at me for not wanting to write my own posts, it was kind of your idea and my brain is fresh out of ideas!

If only this was true… But no, I feel oh so unloved…

Okay, well the last one wasn’t even relatively true because I know both my parents love me! But still, I think we should have an entire month of post austerity. Now wouldn’t that be lovely? It would give me some much needed time to gather some thoughts and ideas and come back to y’all better than ever! 😀 … Oh who am I kidding? I still wouldn’t have a single idea even after a month. Anyway, I hope the rest of everyone’s weekends turn out to be more interesting than this post I just wrote. I’m definitely going to go cry about the sadness of it now… Until next time! … xoxo Chloe