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My apologies in advance if this blog post reads like a product endorsement. It’s just that, well, I really like the company, the product and, well, I feel like endorsing them.  Awkward…

The truth is, we have been changing the way our family consumes products for years now.  Whether as a reaction to negative news stories, unethical companies, the environmental impact, nutrition, you name it – new product knowledge sometimes means product change.  I know I’ve said this before, but my dad always said that the only vote we have is the dollar we spend.  I try to remember that.

Occasionally, I vote the wrong way.  Like every single time I’ve purchased anything at WalMart, for example.  The company has an awful record, makes a handful of billionaires and increases the population of the working poor.  So, every time I have ever saved a dollar on juice boxes or mascara, I have enabled that corporate greed to continue.  I have to remind myself that the extra dollar or two or ten spent at a small, locally owned business is well worth it.

But, I digress….  The product I thought I’d mention today was brought into our house years ago when we changed our personal care products over to organic ones.  I’ve just done a bathroom drawer purge recently and was struck by how many Avalon Organics products we actually use.  And hoard.  (I hit gold recently and stocked up on shampoo/conditioner – 20 bottles!)  If you’ve ever given any thought to changing your preferred brand, but didn’t know what to try, I’d definitely give them a chance.  We’ve used all of their shampoo and conditioner formulations, their body wash, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm…. The list goes on.

Avalon Organics is made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and is not tested on animals.  They are an ethical, responsible, forward-thinking company and, what’s perhaps equally important, their products are awesome.  I have been “voting” for them with my money for years, so I thought I should put my mouth where my money was.  😛

Take care, s.