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Went for a stroll a couple of evenings ago along the Nicomekl River here in South Surrey.  It was later in the day, the birds were chirping up a storm, and the sun was beginning to drop low in the sky.  As I strolled, stopping here and there to snap a photo, I passed a series of green benches along the way.  All of them had been strategically positioned for an unobstructed view of the river.  A few, like this one in the attached photo, had a perfect orientation to view the sunset.

As I passed them, I read the memorial inscriptions attached to the backs. All were touching, but this one I found particularly moving…“For Don: Because there is never enough time to enjoy the sunsets.  Love BJ”. This spoke to me of a love between life’s companions, and for nature and life itself. I could almost picture Don and BJ sitting there, side by side, smiles on their contented faces, watching the sun on its downward path. But I also saw in this short statement a beautiful sharing of wisdom with a stranger. Live life to the fullest, it was telling me. Imploring me. Cherish each and every second, because the ultimate manifestation of austerity is the time we are given on this earth.

I sat then, putting my lens cap back on, turning off my camera. Just sat there, arms outstretched along the back, letting the sun’s still hot rays engulf me. Allowed myself, for a few moments, to relax and live in the moment.

I wish you your own moments of peace this week!