Good evening, dearest followers! I am pleased to finally be able to say that I am officially an eleventh grader, grade ten is over and the summer has begun!!! Monday was my science provincial and I cannot tell you how utterly happy I was to finish that test. As soon as I finished it I felt like leaping and bolting out of my seat, out the front doors of my school and down the road, all while dancing and singing random songs from High School Musical. Yes, this is the world of Chloe, that is for sure!!

When I finished my provincial I quickly scurried to Natasha’s house where we had a much needed beginning-of-summer get together. We talked about our plans for the summer, our bucket lists and then we went swimming and walked down to the beach. At the beach we decided it would be the perfect time to demonstrate some of our ‘What Time Is It?’ dance moves! And they went a little something like this…

After many strange stares and concerned looks from little teeny boppers all dressed up for their grade seven graduation after party, we decided to head back to her house and discuss our upcoming best summer ever. While at Natasha’s house, we made the startling discovery that Canada Day is on Sunday!! We then promptly decided that we would need to make very Canadian outfits for this special day that we will be spending with all of our friends down at the beach. Yesterday we actually went shopping and bought all the supplies we need to create our nifty outfits. And it wasn’t that expensive either, only about $15 and it’s totally worth it because it will give us an entire evenings worth of arts and crafts, a new outfit and we will be able to completely let our creative juices flow! 🙂

Another thing I have been vigorously working on all day has been my online German course that I just began. I took the initiative to sign up for it about a week ago and I worked for hours today on it. This is something that is very important to me and I am very excited about as well, so I am so glad that I am actually putting my mind to it and getting it done! Feels so nice.

So I believe the moral of these ramblings is that we can all truly have the best summer ever by engaging in numerous activities and setting our minds to trying new things. I thought the last thing I would want to do is an organized school course over the summer, but I am powering through it and filling every moment of my time with productivity – which feels SO nice. So here’s to a fun filled summer, full of all the things you have ever wanted to get around to but never actually have!! I myself will be learning German, making outfits, sewing dresses and knitting (did I mention I took that up yesterday as well?)! See you on Saturday when I will have many pictures of mine and Natasha’s decked out Canada Day outfits!! Until then, I hope your days are filled with simply the best… xoxo Chloe