So, June is almost over, and with it our month of what I will call “non-committal austerity”. Let’s call a spade a spade; our commitment in the austerity department wavered this month. Wavered, and almost pooped out on us completely at times. In the absence of a monthly theme, I found myself all over the map. Posts as diverse as complaining like a spoiled child about mundane austerity undertakings and flaunting my Introversion, to talking about inscriptions on park benches. Hell, I even went ghetto for a night. I just want July to come along so that we can have a theme again. I want my post-writing life easier. This “free-for-all” stuff is for the birds.

Actually, there may be an Austerity-related silver lining to all of this. It has been so painful coming up with post ideas this month, I am actually looking forward to getting out there and doing something austere so that I have something to write about. Probably will have to start sorting my socks and underwear or some such thing, as much as this truly pains me, but even this gotta be better than nothing.

Besides, I’m sure I have austere things I’m doing I can dredge up. I just have to put on my thinking cap (calm down – not a new one, just one I will throw together with some left over fabric odds and ends around the house). If Sarah (I adore you) can assemble a post centred on forgoing $2 sandals this summer, then surely I too can find something to babble on about.

So, this is my commitment to you. “I, Glenn, will try my utmost in the next 6 months of the Year of Austere to actually write about my austere undertakings. Should said undertakings and achievements be unavailable, I promise to make something up.”  Sound good?

Have a great weekend!