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Hallo, gute Freunde! (Hello, good friends!) πŸ™‚ As you can see, I have been working super hard on my German course and am soooooo excited at the prospect of being able to speak fluently one day. With school being finished, I’ve been filling my time with many different creative things – much to my own shock. I am knitting like a mad woman, and have already knit an entire foot!! I am constantly doing it whenever I am watching TV, and it makes me feel better about all my reality shows! πŸ˜› Natasha also came over yesterday and we’ve been working hard and fast on our Canada Day outfits ever since. Our shirts are the biggest part of my outfit, and both of ours turned out great!! Even though they started out looking a little something like this…

Yes, you may ask, those are small men’s shirts from Walmart. And yes, they are very flattering and lovely looking!! Many others may be able to work a little tiny spaghetti strap t-shirt, but I insisted on a thicker strap on account of my man shoulders. Yes, I am future football player. Thanks for asking. πŸ˜‰ So yeah, that’s what our shirts look like and what we will be wearing out in public tomorrow!! … Just kidding, these are hideous and we wouldn’t be caught dead! πŸ˜› But there’s nothing a few beads, a pair of scissors and some glitter glue can’t fix.

With a pair of scissors, Natasha decided to cut the sides of her shirt down (this is why it is important to get a shirt that is oversized), and then cut slits. After this she threaded the bottom pieces of my shirts through the slits, making a zigzag type of effect. Whereas I decided to cut smaller strips up to the place slightly above my bellybutton and then tie a bead onto the bottom of each strand. This gives it a slight beach look, and it also makes it that it is interesting and shows a bit of stomach, but not too much.

Next, we used our small tubes of red, silver and gold glitter glue and wrote words and different symbols and pictures all over our shirts. The glitter glue we bought at the dollar store for only fifty cents for all three small bottles. We were rather worried about putting the glitter onto our shirts, simply because we weren’t sure how long it would take to dry. But we then discovered that if you only put a slight amount on and spread it lightly, then it’s only a matter of hours before it is fully dried.

After all this was said and done, the finished product looks a little something like this…

Natasha and I also had shorts and shoes to decorate, as well as Canada Day tattoos that will be plastered all over us by the time tomorrow is said and done! I will have a picture of the entire finished product by Wednesday. But for any of you that are celebrating tomorrow and can’t wait until then, a good tip is to know is that any semi-permanent body tattoos that you can buy anywhere, transfer perfectly onto clothing and shoes as well!! It was a really neat thing we found out, and it looks really cool when it’s done. πŸ™‚

So anyway, that was the project I’ve been working on the last couple days, and for very cheap too. Natasha and I have had a ton of fun making them, and it was totally worth the little money and time we put into it! Tomorrow my fingers will be crossed for no rain, and hopefully my girlfriends and I will have a great time at the beach. More photos for my next post, but until then, here is a picture of my knitting! … xoxo Chloe