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Good evening, lovely Year of Austere readers! 🙂 My week has been amazing thus far, and I can feel the clouds are going to clear soon enough and the rest of this week will become even better!! I have been up to a lot lately, which is actually quite surprising to me. My mom and I are both feeling extra crafty lately and I’m thoroughly enjoying having something to work on and work towards all the time!! Sunday was the completion of my first project, which was my Canada Day outfit, and it turned out a little something like this…

After a wonderful Sunday spent with my best friends down at the beach, I’ve been even more energized than before!! I have continued my knitting and it is at a grand two feet! 😀 I am very proud of my soon-to-be scarf, and cannot wait for it to be finished and I can fully see the outcome of all the blood, sweat and tears I have put into it. As far as crafting goes, my mom and I have also decided to make tutus and banners… (Because we really don’t have a life, and we do have a sudden itch for making new things!) It’s quite strange, because I do feel like a completely different person than I did at the beginning of the summer. I mean, this was what my original attitude definitely looked like…

Now I feel totally energized, and maybe even a little like a totally, completely insane, freak show!

Honestly, ask any of my friends and they’ll call me crazy! I mean, the looks they’ve been giving me when I talk of my knitting! Good Lord, you’d think I had five heads by the way they look at me sometimes… But what I continuously remind myself is that by the end of the summer, I will have many specially knitted scarves, a new dress, many banners and tutus and will be able to speak another language… And what will they have!? Nothing! … Besides maybe their sanity… And friends… Awks! Anyway, let’s cheers to a fabulous summer where we can openly let our crafting freak flags fly!! Until Saturday, when I surely will have picked up another strange habit and have learned a new language. 😉 … xoxo Chloe