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…. as practiced by me.  Tonight.  Right now.  I’ve been towing the party line day in and day out and am not going to discuss a single thing I’ve done.  Not tonight anyway.  Tonight I am simply going to share funny things.  If Nicholas can do it several times over, I figure I can too.  (See….  austerity of maturity right there.  Imagine me stamping my foot too.  That’s even better.)

Without further ado, here are some funnies…





















































Sadly, I felt compelled to edit the inappropriate ones.  As my niece would say, “You’re welcome.”  I could also steal Nick’s “sorry for this lame post” line, but that smacks of plagiarism.  Whatever your age , try not to confuse maturity with a state of humourlessness.  Laugh.  It’s good for the soul.










Have a fun weekend!  s. xo