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Well, my Friday post is coming on-line a little late. Sorry about that, but it was a crazy busy day yesterday. Better late than never I suppose.

I have written in the past about one of our goals this year of spending more time outdoors communing with nature. Whether this results in reducing stress levels (me) or time in front of the Xbox (Nick), excess is reduced and, hopefully, a little more austerity achieved. This past week, Nick and I ventured with our canoe into the “wilderness”. Our goal? An island out on Indian Arm, a long spit of ocean extending inland past Vancouver harbour. My vision was a wilderness getaway, where Nick and I could spend his first true wilderness overnight, just him and me alone with Bigfoot.

Unfortunately, it seems a few others had the same idea.

We pouted when we found several other tents already resolutely fastened to the ground. Then looked on with total dismay when two massive voyageur canoes filled with people, not to mention several accompanying kayaks, approached the island some minutes later, alerting us to their presence by boisterous shouting. Good God. Luckily Nick, to his credit, had insisted that we find a little spot further up the coast for our tent, which effectively gave us some semblance of privacy. In the end, while we did not find the solitude we were hoping for, we ended up having a great overnight together. A night with my boy in the beauty of nature; can’t really ever complain about that. Break it right down to what’s truly important in this world, and this is pretty much what you get.

I’m sure Nick will want to share his thoughts with you on his next post, so I’ll shut up now, but will leave you with a few shots of our adventure together.

Have a great weekend everyone!